What Does Curated Collection Mean

What Does Curated Collection Mean

Previously the term curated was mostly used in the art world. Artists use to talk about having curated collections and those would have higher prices than the regular artwork. This has changed with many merchants a branding their products as curated. This is meant to show the public that their products are more special in a bid to make more sales.

The public seems to respond better to “curated” items than other products. This has created a trend where many companies prefer to use the word even when their products are not curated.

Curation concept

The use of curation only becoming rampant but it is a concept that has been around for long. People have always been selective about the products they choose and take what the brands presented better.


The process of curation involves various steps that involve different people. First, there has to be some collaborative filtering. The process involves using some previous customer behavior to try to determine their future behavior.

The views and votes of customers are used to discover what they prefer. Most customers usually give reviews of products on various online platforms.

Getting those bites is therefore easy. The next step is about analyzing the semantics to prove whether the information being used is true. Specific factors are used to compare the customers and objects to determine if their relationship is true. The third step is about rating the products by testing them on social platforms. The products are posted on social media and users are asked to vote. To know more about curation, see it here



Some online platforms like Pinterest have features that allow curation of products. You can use then to find out how your product is ranking. Since curation is believed to be part of the future, more business owners are expected to take it on. However, you should still try to choose products based on their quality. Some of the curated products tend to be categorized as such but on reality, they are not. Selecting a collection based on the quality will guarantee you more satisfaction.